About Us

Kvell Halo Services Trusted by Thousands

Kvell halo services, an online leading financial product and service aggregator. It algorithmically matches borrowers at the bottom of the pyramid with lenders. We are a financial technology company that increases the likelihood of borrowers with low credit scores by matching customer data with the lender’s parameters. We have taken credit parameters from over 40 banks/NBFCs and combined them in a machine-learning program. After assembling 58 data points about a customer’s creditworthiness and capacity to borrow, we adjoin them with the right lenders

We believe that every customer is unique and has different priorities. We believe that kvellhaloservices has the potential to revolutionize the Indian Loan market by giving customers the ability to select and tailor services to their needs.

Our experts can assist you 7 days a week till you get the loan disbursed. We are the only service provider that offers such a wide range of options, thanks to top-choice banking expertise. We can help you realize your dreams, whether that’s your business, dream home, dream vacation, or even your dream wedding.

Our Vision Mission & Values


  • Focus to help companies grow
  • To go one step beyond in serving our customers, providing a sense of security, and creating customer delight
  • To provide valuable financial services at affordable rates
  • To expand our network to every corner of the nation and widen the net of financial and economic inclusion
  • To speak the language of respect, dignity, and courtesy with every customer.


  • To be a world-class consultancy organization recognized as a “BRAND” in the specialized fields of providing easy finance for total project solutions.


  • Our mantra for success is customer delight, by delivering quality services and to go further and achieve outstanding value and performance for all our customers.
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Who We Are 

Kvellhaloservices, one of the leading loan consultants in Noida, with more than 17+ years of experience in the finance field. With 30+ branches across India, we are India’s largest loan consultancy and distribution firm.

How We Work

A representative from Kvellhaloservices first talks to the client and learns about his needs. We ask for documents such as the latest banking, financial, and KYC to check eligibility. Then we further process the file and get the work done in an easy and convenint method.


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